T4 Case Study at Achievers
Monday, 23 April 2018

The T4 Case Study exam is the final hurdle of the CIMA Professional Qualification and primarily involves application of strategic management accounting techniques to analyse, recommend and support decisions. Students must deal with material in a less structured situation than in previous strategic level papers, and integrate a variety of skills to arrive at a recommended solution. The emphasis is on assessing students' capabilities and competence in applying appropriate knowledge, demonstrating the higher level skills of synthesis, analysis and evaluation, and skill in presenting and communicating information to users. To tackle such a task students need to have developed their analytical skills, logical reasoning and the ability to provide commercially sensible recommendations.

While the students’ experience would help them to design effective solutions to the problems, guidance from a tutor having industry experience can be of immense help. The Case Study tutor of Achievers Lanka Business School, Senaka Kakiriwaragodage who needs no introduction in the CIMA arena is able to provide students this much needed support and guidance through his vast industry experience. His innate ability to impart utmost knowledge to students has enabled him to possess a towering presence in the CIMA spectrum.

Senaka is the Vice President and Head of Capital Markets at NDB Bank, a leading investment bank in the country. He has engaged in a diverse range of transactions for the bank’s clients in areas such as project appraisal, raising equity and debt, business valuations, mergers and acquisitions, project financing and corporate restructuring. Companies appearing on the Case Study exam would be facing many of these situations to which students have to provide pragmatic solutions to gain maximum marks. Through his practical experience and theoretical knowledge Senaka is in an ideal position to guide the students to face the challenging demands of the CIMA Case Study exam.

The T4 Case Study success of Achievers Lanka Business School has been evidenced by the increased student enrolments. This rigorous growth in the number of students per session confirms Senaka’s vigour and effective delivery mechanisms which has resulted in remarkably high pass rates. He has also produced Sri Lanka prize winners and top ten in the world for the T4 Case Study.

Achievers Lanka Business School is a leading institute for CIMA education in Sri Lanka. Ever since its inception in 2006, Achievers has stamped its dominance in the world of CIMA. Achievers have maintained a consistent record of prizes and it is no surprise that it produced an incredible 10 prizes at the May 2012 examination at all levels of CIMA. This is further augmented by the fact that Achievers also produced a world prize for Financial Management at the May 2012 examinations.

Achievers is a CIMA Learning Quality Partner institute that unleashes potential and paves the way for a dynamic generation. This immense feat has been realised due to the possession of one of the elite and most experienced and dynamic lecture panel. Ours is a team whose members complement each other very well and who continuously strives for improvement. We proudly acknowledge that our continuous success is largely built on the versatility of our lecturers, sound knowledge of the subject matter and excellent delivery skills.

If you want to graduate to success then Achievers is “the place” for you where “the good becomes great”.

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