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At Achievers students have the opportunity to obtain good results whilst gaining many practical management skills through a healthy dose of extra-curricular activities.

Students' Council

The Students' Council supports students from a wide variety of backgrounds and enables them to pursue their non-academic interests and facilitates student bonding. Through social, cultural and sports programmes the Students' Council promotes learning and the ability to work effectively as a team.

Leo Club

LEO Club
The Leo Club of Achievers is a group of young professionals committed to personal, professional and community development. The Leo Club encourages the youth to develop leadership qualities by participating in social service activities. The Club has completed a number of outstanding projects such as the Blood Donation Camp, visit to Cancer Hospital and Beach Clean Up to name a few. The Leo Club of Achievers was presented seven awards of excellence at the Leo District Conference 2012.

Rotaract Club

The Rotaract Club of Achievers fosters leadership and responsibility. The Club has won five awards of excellence at the Rotaract District Conference in 2011/2012 and has organized a number of projects such as Culture Blast, Christmas Smiles, International Movie Screening and Friday Night Affair to name a few.

Achievers Enterprise Awards

Achievers Enterprise Awards is a presentation competition organized by Achievers with the sole objective of creating future entrepreneurs. This event is part of the Achievers Fast Track 360 Degree Challenge. The highlight of the event is that it is a screening process mainly aimed to help the corporate world in their recruitment activities. Achievers Enterprise Awards provides the participants an opportunity to showcase their potential to one of the largest corporate networks.

Achievers Premier League

Achievers Premier League is a mega sports event at Achievers which comprises of basketball, football, cricket, rugby, netball and swimming. It is part of the Achievers Fast Track 360 Degree Challenge programme. There are many important skills that a student is able to enhance when taking part in sports such as leadership, patience, perseverance, communication and team work. The Achievers Premier League provides students the opportunity to master these skills as they compete.

Achievers Idol

Achievers Idol is a talent search competition aimed at bringing out the abundant talents of the students of the institution. This is considered as a major event of the institution since the students' capabilities of organizing, team work, and leadership are all thrown into focus and put to test in this competition.

The Achievers Idol is an event that has indeed added a new paradigm to the world of CIMA, to enable vibrant young individuals to exhibit their innate abilities in different walks of life. It is a platform to expose the skills and prowess of these aspiring young individuals. Achievers Idol has been precisely formulated to elicit different innate abilities of students and direct them into successful corporate personalities in the future.

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