Foundation Course on Multimodal Transport & Logistics
Tuesday, 24 October 2017


The Foundation Course in Multi Modal Transport & Logistics is tailored to facilitate an entry into the freight forwarding and logistics industry and is ideal for school leavers wishing to join the industry. The course is also designed for industry professionals seeking to enhance their knowledge on important aspects of logistics which can help them advance in their respective careers.

Course Outline:(Modules)

  • 01: Globalization trade and transport linkages
  • 02: International sale transaction & documentary credit sales
  • 03: International commercial terms 2000
  • 04: Transport documents
  • 05: Plan & execute an export shipment
  • 06: Evolving role of the freight forwarder
  • 07: Cargo & packaging
  • 08: Multimodal transport operations
  • 09: Unitization of cargo
  • 10: Selecting & assessing the transport routes
  • 11: Introduction to logistics & supply chain management
  • 12: The scope of liability of the parties in the transport chain
  • 13: Parties in the transport chain & insurance cover

2 months
Fees :
Registration fee: Rs. 2,000
Course fee: Rs. 18,000
Installment option:
Rs. 11,000 (upon registration) +
Rs. 9,000 (2nd month)
Class Schedule :
Sundays (08.30am – 12.30pm)

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