BPP Partnership with Achievers
Sunday, 21 January 2018

Achievers Lanka Business School entered into an agreement with BPP Professional Education in the UK as their exclusive partner for the delivery of blended learning courses for the CIMA Professional Qualification, the first of its kind in Sri Lanka.

Blended learning acknowledges that we now live in a digital age and the ways in which we work, socialize and learn are changing. It is becoming an increasingly popular method of delivery across the world and brings in that additional element to the classroom and supports existing teaching techniques. Blended learning combines many of the best elements of face-to-face teaching while allowing greater variety and flexibility than a traditional classroom set up, responding to the needs of the modern learner. Ravi Edirisinghe, Chairman, Achievers Lanka Business School said, “We are delighted to be working with BPP to deliver blended learning CIMA courses, allowing students to not only study in the classroom but also remotely via BPP's award winning Online Classroom. Our partnership with BPP to offer blended learning for CIMA is novel to the Sri Lankan CIMA market and will undoubtedly help deliver CIMA courses that produce excellent results and exceptional pass rates.”

CIMA students in Sri Lanka can greatly benefit from the blended learning approach at Achievers Lanka Business School, using BPP’s online learning materials in the classroom but also studying BPP’s award winning Online Classroom from a remote location, even from their own home. BPP is a renowned provider of CIMA tuition, with an excellent track record of student achievements and an ever growing collection of industry accolades and awards. Lil Bremermann-Richard, International Director, BPP Professional Education said, ”BPP Professional Education is delighted to enter into a new agreement with Achievers Lanka Business School to offer their CIMA students a blended learning solution using BPP’s online teaching resources and to launch the BPP Momentum online learning platform to self-study CIMA students in Sri Lanka.” With over 40 years of training success, BPP is one of Europe's leading providers of professional education. Through a combination of academic rigour and professional expertise, BPP has earned an excellent reputation by its unique approach to the education and training of professionals. BPP Professional Education is globally recognised for their exceptional pass rates and multiple prize winning students. Achievers Lanka Business School a leading institute for CIMA in Sri Lanka has over the years proved to be one of the best places to study for the CIMA Professional Qualification. Within a span of just 10 years, Achievers has secured 9 world prizes and 106 Sri Lanka prizes at the CIMA examinations. At the March 2016 CIMA exams, two of Achievers students were ranked second and ninth in the world for the Integrated Case Study exams.

Like Achievers, BPP has a pedigree of success. Of the top ten world prize winners at CIMA, BPP tutored eight including the first placed prize winner for the Integrated Case Study exams. Over 73,000 students and global businesses have trusted BPP to support them to exam success. For the five exam sittings since the CIMA 2015 syllabus was introduced at the start of 2015, 82% of BPP students have passed the Integrated Case Study exam, compared to an average of 59% for CIMA as a whole.

The partnership between Achievers Lanka Business School and BPP UK will undoubtedly pave the way for a new era for CIMA education in Sri Lanka as students will be able to study CIMA flexibly with not one but two prize winning training providers.

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