Blended Learning CIMA Courses
Saturday, 24 June 2017

Blended Learning at Achievers is a new and innovative approach to teaching CIMA and is the first of its kind in Sri Lanka.

It is a combination of classroom learning with dedicated tutor support coupled with BPP’s Online Classroom which can be accessed remotely at one’s convenience making learning flexible.

The expert tutors at Achievers bring their enthusiasm and industry experience to the classroom making sessions highly engaging and interactive for students. This learning experience will be complemented with a series of pre-recorded online lectures from BPP which can be accessed throughout your course at Achievers.

Lectures can be paused, rewound and fast forwarded, allowing you to study at your own pace. The practice mock enables to test yourself in true exam environment to ensure your knowledge has been embedded.

What you get with Blended Learning at Achievers
  • Face to face classroom lectures
  • Free access to
  • Recorded video lectures for all topics
  • Assessments under each topic
  • Exam standard BPP mock
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