Message from CEO
Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Understanding the fundamental requirement of each student that walks into our door and what they aspire to be, has been of utmost importance when crafting our operations as an educational institute. Though in paper, an educator’s duty is simply to provide a qualification for the student, we at Achievers have made it our mission to surpass conventional boundaries and equip students with essential skills to prosper in their selected line of profession. When put into perspective, we practice the mechanism of synchronizing student’s talents, passion and competence, towards creating the most successful world for themselves.

Achievers Lanka Business School has enjoyed tremendous growth since it’s establishment in 2006. Over the last few years we have uniquely positioned ourselves as a pioneering educational institute for CIMA with a proven track record which has garnered acclaim.

The success of Achievers has always been strongly attributed to the vibrant panel of lecturers who have time and time again, proven their strength and quality by producing unparalleled results. Their dedication and hard work has helped elevate Achievers to great heights.

Despite our star-studded lecture panel, the results we continue to achieve wouldn’t be possible if not for the high calibre student body we proudly possess. Our unique approach in selecting students as well as the merit based scholarship scheme has made it possible each year, to open doors for a wide variety of students who excell in academics, sports and various extra-curricular activities. The inclusion of such students has been highly beneficial for themselves as well as the average candidate in developing academic standings, team work, leadership, interpersonal and social skills. The combined pool of talent and skills of our students have not only produced exceptional results in both academics and sports, but have also led to the initiation of various projects related to self-development, career development, charity and entertainment which are now immensely popular even amongst students beyond the walls of our institution.

Our vision was to create an exemplary student base year in - year out that would comprise of a majority that top corporates would give first preference to. Today, Achievers is one of the very few educational institutes in the island where companies directly approach for prospective employees. The simple reason behind this achievement is our student development programmes that are designed to go beyond providing a mere qualification by reflecting requirements of the corporate world in terms of the personality, skills and abilities of the student.

As an educationalist my dream has always been to gather some of the best students in the world to work as one unit in exploring new opportunities to broaden and uplift standards of the education industry. Being appointed as an advisory council member of the World Education Congress from 2012, I was delighted to learn that my task would exactly be that dream of mine. Under the project-Global DNA ID, I have initiated the quest for finding these 1000 best students from around the world and I am honoured to state that Achievers has been the starting point of this quest.

Embracing unique and innovative approaches has been always been our recipe in executing our mission for success.I welcome you to Achievers with great delight in sharing this success as we continue to grow by leaps and bounds.

Faris Ismail


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